Jaslo Town


Jaslo is the city, the taste of which – like the taste of wine – can be explored in different guises: delicate and refined, due to its culture and art, as well as, stronger and more determined, with its recreation, entertainment and entrepreneurship. The rich and diverse offer of Jaslo allows to experience its uniqueness and to learn its unique aroma and color. It also has unusual fruits in the form of eminent personalities that give it a distinctive taste.

Jaslo is a quiet city, open to people, suitable for maturation and development, including the economic one. It creates perfect conditions for visiting it and enjoying its taste.

Jaslo has its own unusual and unique atmosphere and mood. The picturesque market is surrounded by old houses bearing the traces of different periods and styles. One of the most valuable monuments is the fifteenth century Blessed Virgin Mary Gothic Collegiate Church, a Gothic religious building built of stone. Numerous restaurants and a beautiful park with walking alleys, monuments and a fountain located in the city center, are the perfect holiday destinations for tourists and locals. A beautiful neo-Gothic the Sroczynski’s Palace built in the late eighteenth century and surrounded by a landscaped park impresses its visitors.

For many years Jaslo has been considered as “the capital of the reborn Polish winemaking”. The wine of Jaslo is not only very well known in the Polish and foreign wine circles, but it is also a product, which makes the city famous. Jaslo and it’s surroundings are inter-sected by “Podkarpacie Vineyard Trail”, which is created by nearly 120 wineries belonging to the Association of Winemakers of the Podkarpacie Region, and you can move between the wineries not only on foot but also on horseback. The regional specialties prepared according to traditional recipes, and a variety of local products are a perfect complement to the vineyards forming the Wine Trail of Jaslo.

The Jaslo House of Culture is the largest, esteemed cultural institution in the city, as well as the main meeting place of art and culture. The main task of the JHC is cultural education and education through the arts, and providing the residents with attractive leisure activities. The Regional Museum, plays an important role in the promotion of culture, which for 45 years has documented the past of the city and the district, as well as culture and folk art of the region of Pogórze. The City Public Library for over 60 years has provided numerous residents of the city and the region with contact with various types of the library materials, while leading the wide-ranging cultural and educational and informative activities.

Jaslo has a well developed tourism and recreation infrastructure, and an interesting offer that allows for active leisure time. In Jaslo and the surrounding area there are many interesting hiking, biking, ski trails, paths and didactic educational trails. The industrial tourism lovers will be interested in the Cross-Border Petroleum Trail, running through the city center, linking the places associated with the origin and history of the petroleum industry. The Carpathian Troy Open-Air Museum, is located in the vicinity of Jaslo, a museum complex, which was created at the place of discovery of one of the oldest forts in Poland.

In Jaslo many sports clubs operate enabling young people to develop their abilities in various fields of sports, among other things: karate, judo, soccer, crosscountry skiing, volleyball and swimming. An important role in the development of sport and sporting events promoting is played by the Municipal Sports and Recreation Center in Jaslo,
a physical culture institution esteemed in the city and the region.

Openness, hospitality and passion for new ideas create a friendly atmosphere to tourists and investors during their residence in Jaslo.

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