Project’s objectives

The activities of the project, that are: developing cultural infrastructure and organizing common cross-boarding cultural events, will increase partnership based cooperation between Poland and Slovakia that to achieve  balanced development of the border regions.

Redeveloped and modernized cultural objects allow to implement not only cultural, but also touristic  common activities.

By taking actions that intent to know the culture of the neighbouring regions, the project contribute to preserve and use of cultural heritage for social and economic growth of border regions.

Main objective:

Development of the Polish – Slovakian cooperation to support and increase the quality of the cultural services.

Specific objectives:

  • Creating technical and organizational instruments that will support to the implementation of the common Polish-Slovakian projects,
  • Improvement of the cultural objects in the border region
  • Improving the functionality of the cultural institutions on both sides of the border and providing suitable conditions for organization different kind of activities in these objects
  • Improving working conditions and increasing employment in cultural institutions
  • Forming common organizational structures for the implementation of the cultural events within the cross-border cooperation
  • Developing human resources during implementation of cultural activities in the border region
  • Increasing interest of Polish-Slovakian cooperation
  • Creating the network for transfer of information between Polish and Slovakian partners
  • Promotion of joint undertakings
  • Strengthening the positive image of the border areas
  • Improving the competitiveness and increasing social cohesion of the Polish-Slovakian border areas
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